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Local Attractions

Horseback riding:

We can arrange to have horses come right to our property. Take a ride out to a secret swimming lagoon or just ramble through the jungle looking for monkeys. On a horse you can cover more territory and also pick your head up and really take a relaxed look around at where you are, where you’ve taken the time to visit.

Boat Tours:

We can help you find a tour that meets your interests, to any of the several islands in the area. If you come to Bocas Del Toro and do not go on a boat trip through the archipelago you have missed the whole reason for coming. There are nine big islands and maybe a thousand small islands and they are beautiful.


There are excellent opportunities for yoga in Bocas Town. If you prefer, we can arrange a yoga retreat for you and your group of up to 12 people with a certified yoga instructor coming to our house for oceanfront bliss on the upstairs verandah.

Turtle NEsting Areas:

Bocas is home to nesting grounds for the largest of the marine turtles, the Leatherback turtles. Best season to view them is from April to July. Within the province of Bocas del Toro there are many suitable turtle habitats - lagoons, mangroves, estuaries, coral reefs, ocean coastal waters, and sandy beaches.

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